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Thoughts on Furniture, Families, and Space

“Corner Office”
Author: Doug Virtue
  Now that we’re all CEO’s (Chief Everything Officers), we might as well give ourselves a Corner Office. That unused corner by the window might be one of the few available spaces that can be converted to a home office without upsetting the other activities of the household. A properly-sized and well-positioned corner table provides...
Author: Doug Virtue
Dog with green bowtie on floor rocker

Finley’s Rockin Christmas

There is a new addition to the living room this month…a giant tree! I thought those were only allowed outside. Not complaining. Just surprised. I even got a bow tie and brand new rawhide. This whole Christmas thing seems to be for me. I even get extra walks! I’ll be rockin around the Christmas tree…

Finley’s Favorite Chair

      My human’s are busy working again… There sure has been a lot of indoor time. Thankfully, my best friend Mr. Rex and I have the best seat in the house. We can see the entire city down below. Imagine all the smells to sniff!                …

Kitchen Table Homeschool

Author: Doug Virtue

For many families, the kitchen table has become the homeschool. It’s the best place in the house for many reasons: it’s where the family eats; it’s where mom and dad are for much of the day; it’s the biggest, flattest, most available workspace; it has the best lighting and it’s central to every other place…

Author: Doug Virtue

Weathering This Storm With Children

Author: Tajia Hammack

“It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle These past weeks have been quite intense, and we now face changes in our daily lives. This time will certainly leave memories for our children. Here’s how we have helped ease the stress for our family, and possibly will create…

Author: Tajia Hammack