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Child with proper spine alignment in chair at kitchen table

For many families, the kitchen table has become the homeschool. It’s the best place in the house for many reasons: it’s where the family eats; it’s where mom and dad are for much of the day; it’s the biggest, flattest, most available workspace; it has the best lighting and it’s central to every other place in the house. But it has one big problem: how to elevate younger children to proper working height without weird cushion or childseat contraptions.

The Zuma Homeschool Chair for elementary students addresses these challenges and adds a little fun to the mix: it swivels, allowing for gentle, controlled fidgeting without moving away from the table or school desk height. The 5-point base comes standard with soft mobile casters that can easily be switched to fixed glides to give parents better control over positioning. For use on hard floor surfaces (common in many kitchens), we recommend swapping mobile casters for the more stable glides.

This hybrid combination of adult-sized frame with elementary-sized seat was inspired by a homeschooler who just couldn’t find the right combination of height adjustability and comfort for her two daughters. She discovered after the first week that the calming and sensory integration provided by the swivel were just as beneficial as the height adjustability. Now both daughters have their own chair and look forward to “going to school” at the kitchen table.

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