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Tina Lucero-Johnson

Tina resides in Southern California and is currently the Website Content Developer and Community Manager for She holds a Bachelor’s of Psychology with a minor in Music and a Masters of Social Work. Through her previous experience as a hospital based patient advocate, her work with groups and clients, and her years teaching piano to children and teens, Tina has a history of making personal connections with others. She has been active in her community and academic organizations while having raised two daughters. She loves the arts, travel, and sharing stories and laughter with her family and friends.

Dog with green bowtie on floor rocker

Finley’s Rockin Christmas

There is a new addition to the living room this month…a giant tree! I thought those were only allowed outside. Not complaining. Just surprised. I even got a bow tie and brand new rawhide. This whole Christmas thing seems to be for me. I even get extra walks! I’ll be rockin around the Christmas tree…

November 9, 2021

Our Season of Gratitude

  With the changing color of leaves, we are nudged toward an awareness of time passing. The seasons remind us that they wait for no one. As we try to move toward a place of normalcy in a world that has been shaken, and for some turned upside down, we may want to take the…

A Childcare Provider’s Role During Remote Learning

TLJ: Athena, how long have you been a childcare provider? AZ: I have been a childcare provider off and on for over ten years, usually doing short spurts with families while they are going through intense times. I am currently with a family in the South Bay. TLJ: Has your role changed since the pandemic…

November 12, 2020

Thanksgiving Cyber Weekend

Whether braving the lines of Black Friday for that super hard to get toy or starting your work week after Thanksgiving by chasing the Cyber Monday deals, most of us have participated in the American tradition of shopping for bargains right after Thanksgiving. It’s as Thanksgiving as turkey and pumpkin pie. But what does Black…

Finley’s Favorite Chair

      My human’s are busy working again… There sure has been a lot of indoor time. Thankfully, my best friend Mr. Rex and I have the best seat in the house. We can see the entire city down below. Imagine all the smells to sniff!                …

May 14, 2020

It’s OK Not To Feel OK

  The Rollercoaster Ride of Feelings During the COVID-19 Pandemic   When the “Stay at Home Orders” first became a reality, many of us did not know what to feel. Some of us started out feeling confused. We may have tried to avoid the whole subject of the COVID-19 Pandemic completely. Others began to feel…