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A Childcare Provider’s Role During Remote Learning

TLJ: Athena, how long have you been a childcare provider? AZ: I have been a childcare provider off and on for over ten years, usually doing short spurts with families while they are going through intense times. I am currently with a family in the South Bay. TLJ: Has your role changed since the pandemic…

September 27, 2019

Through the Eyes of an Autism Specialist

Megan Knapp, MA, BCBA, is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD). She started her career with a private agency, doing one-on-one in-home therapy. Megan then moved into the public sector, becoming an Instructional Assistant in a special education classroom. In her next role, she became the Lead Behavior…

September 15, 2019

A Mom’s Journey with A Son Who Has ASD (Part III)

An Interview with DeeDee Velasquez-Peralta, LMSW Part III Being Present With ASD DeeDee began her journey as a social worker working with children and adults with disabilities, developing behavioral support plans to help them successfully be integrated into mainstream classrooms and into their communities. She then started working in healthcare where she utilized a strength-based…

Kitchen Table Homeschool

Author: Doug Virtue

For many families, the kitchen table has become the homeschool. It’s the best place in the house for many reasons: it’s where the family eats; it’s where mom and dad are for much of the day; it’s the biggest, flattest, most available workspace; it has the best lighting and it’s central to every other place…

Author: Doug Virtue

“Corner Office”

Author: Doug Virtue

  Now that we’re all CEO’s (Chief Everything Officers), we might as well give ourselves a Corner Office. That unused corner by the window might be one of the few available spaces that can be converted to a home office without upsetting the other activities of the household. A properly-sized and well-positioned corner table provides…

Author: Doug Virtue

An Experiment in Outdoor Education

Author: Tajia Hammack

The days were spent nestled in the forest with the trees as our endless classroom and the rosehips we had picked made into tea.

Author: Tajia Hammack