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Healthy Movement

June 9, 2019
Healthy Movement in the Classroom
The school bell rings. After a brief pause and all at once the rush to be first in line begins! Children hurriedly scramble from every direction directly to their assigned classroom lines. The chatter is loud. The teachers begin to show up one by one with mugs or water bottles in their hands. As the...
August 12, 2020

One PT’S Perspective on Physical Activity in a Pandemic

It is no surprise that the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives in ways we could have not imagined. With changes in our daily routines impacting exercise opportunities, sleep schedules, screen time, and limiting our social interactions, the toll on our collective health and wellbeing is profound. Prior to COVID -19, more than…

November 1, 2019


Jen O’Loughlin is a Physical Therapist, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist. She has experience in various pediatric clinical settings such as: Inpatient Rehab, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Aquatics, and the School System. She is currently working in a hospital-based system in Portland, Oregon. TLJ: Jen, how did your…