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Zuma Floor Rocker

Dog with green bowtie on floor rocker

Finley’s Rockin Christmas

There is a new addition to the living room this month…a giant tree! I thought those were only allowed outside. Not complaining. Just surprised. I even got a bow tie and brand new rawhide. This whole Christmas thing seems to be for me. I even get extra walks! I’ll be rockin around the Christmas tree…

Finley’s Favorite Chair

      My human’s are busy working again… There sure has been a lot of indoor time. Thankfully, my best friend Mr. Rex and I have the best seat in the house. We can see the entire city down below. Imagine all the smells to sniff!                …

July 11, 2019

We All Belong

Author: Doug Virtue

It is sometimes the case that we can learn more about ourselves from others than from looking in the mirror. As a company founded in 1950 to support America’s public schools, Virco has been fortunate to participate in one of our country’s finest and most emulated institutions. But we also sell furniture to international schools…

Author: Doug Virtue