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Mobile Filing Cabinet


$1,207.00 - $1,415.50

MSRP: $2,256.00 - $2,646.00MSRP: $2632.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2256.00MSRP: $2256.00MSRP: $2256.00MSRP: $2256.00MSRP: $2256.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2646.00MSRP: $2632.00MSRP: $2632.00MSRP: $2632.00MSRP: $2632.00

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Product Details

  • Usually ships in 2 weeks or less
  • Heavy gauge American steel makes this filing cabinet sturdy and dent resistant 
  • 4 twin wheel locking casters makes it easy to move and fast to secure in place

Solid Steel Construction High quality American-made powder-coated steel offers strength and durability

Locking Casters Four twin-wheel, locking ABS plastic casters lets the cabinet move easily for access or lock solidly in place

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Metal Finish

Light Grey, Moonstone, Adobe, Black, Eclipse

Other Accessories

One Box Drawer and One File Drawer, One Pencil Drawer, One Box Drawer, and One File Drawer, Two File Drawers, Two Box Drawers and One File Drawer


Filing Cabinet

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