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Our Concept

And yes, we make our furniture at our own factories in Torrance, California, and Conway, Arkansas. We’re proud to say: “Made here. By us.” We never had to bring jobs back to America because we never left. We’re just as committed to our employees and our hometowns as we are to our customers. And because we’re a public company (NASDAQ: VIRC) you can compare what we say and do here with our public financial filings. Also, if you like what we’re doing, you can invest and become part of our family.

Because we don’t advertise this site, we know it took some effort on your part to find us. We appreciate that and we also respect your privacy. We give you our word that we will not sell, link, or share your information with any other organizations unless required to do so by law.

Please let us know what you think, either good or bad, by posting a comment, emailing, or calling our team at We thank you again for finding us, and hope that we can help you find that exact right piece of furniture, even if the solution happens to be somebody else’s piece, a piece you already own, or a custom piece made just for you.




*Virco partners with a select few resellers where you can also purchase our product. You can follow the links below to their sites. Please keep in mind once you leave and enter other sites, their individual privacy policies will apply.


Worthington Direct has been a trusted reseller of Virco product for over 20 years.
School Outlet has featured Virco products as their lead manufacturer since their inception.
SCHOOLSin has partnered with Virco since 2008.