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April 15, 2021

Welcome Back

It’s been a year since we first heard about COVID-19 and the first lockdowns were instituted. Living in Kansas, the center of the country, the extent of the lockdown was different than what the East and West coasts experienced. Nevertheless, both my boys, our youngest finishing up 8th grade and our first born, a 2020…

The Full Life of a Homeschooler

Tajia Hammack has homeschooled each of her six children, ages four to twenty-two, at some point in their life. She has used traditional homeschool teaching methods along with starting and running her own nature school for five years. Currently, she has created a homeschool pre-school co-op with other families in her community. Her full life…

July 11, 2019

We All Belong

Author: Doug Virtue

It is sometimes the case that we can learn more about ourselves from others than from looking in the mirror. As a company founded in 1950 to support America’s public schools, Virco has been fortunate to participate in one of our country’s finest and most emulated institutions. But we also sell furniture to international schools…

Author: Doug Virtue