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Kitchen Table Homeschool

Author: Doug Virtue

For many families, the kitchen table has become the homeschool. It’s the best place in the house for many reasons: it’s where the family eats; it’s where mom and dad are for much of the day; it’s the biggest, flattest, most available workspace; it has the best lighting and it’s central to every other place…

Author: Doug Virtue

An Experiment in Outdoor Education

Author: Tajia Hammack

The days were spent nestled in the forest with the trees as our endless classroom and the rosehips we had picked made into tea.

Author: Tajia Hammack

One Size Does Not Fit All

She stares out the window imagining herself running as fast as she can with the wind blowing in her face. She knows the swing set is waiting for her. She just wants to be outside. Her attention is broken when the teacher asks everyone to open their tablets and read the first chapter silently. The…