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Home Office

“Corner Office”

Author: Doug Virtue

  Now that we’re all CEO’s (Chief Everything Officers), we might as well give ourselves a Corner Office. That unused corner by the window might be one of the few available spaces that can be converted to a home office without upsetting the other activities of the household. A properly-sized and well-positioned corner table provides…

Author: Doug Virtue
Re-purposed classroom chairs now being used for catering. The chair in the middle is exactly 50 years old!

Making a Place

Author: Doug Virtue

Can a Chair Make a Place? In the case of our 9000 Series, the answer might be yes. Last summer, long before the Coronavirus dominated the news, my wife and I were at a birthday party in California’s eastern Sierra. The caterer had acquired some Virco 9000’s from a local school where the chairs had…

Author: Doug Virtue

Times Like These…

Work Life Balance During the COVID-19 Pandemic Giana and her husband live in Southern California and have a seven-year-old daughter who is in the first grade. TLJ: Giana, if you think back to a year ago, what did an average work day look like for you? GR: Usually: Up by 7am Breakfast with our daughter…

March 12, 2020

Silent Wisdom

The wall clock gave a faint clicking noise made by the deliberate movement of the second hand slowly making its way around the face. It’s something one would only notice if urgency was on the mind. As the building began to empty, the flourescent overhead lights turned off one by one. She grabbed her bag…