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March 12, 2020

Silent Wisdom

The wall clock gave a faint clicking noise made by the deliberate movement of the second hand slowly making its way around the face. It’s something one would only notice if urgency was on the mind. As the building began to empty, the flourescent overhead lights turned off one by one. She grabbed her bag and made sure to shut down her computer. Closing the door behind her, she double checked the locks. Two, three, four…She found herself counting the amount of steps it took to get to her car; fifty-eight. After putting her seatbelt on, she pressed play on a podcast she begun listening to earlier that morning. With her eyes closed, she took a few deep breaths and imagined her final destination for the night. After picking up her husband, with duffle bags and essentials in tow, they started down the busy highway. Traffic, and more traffic. There is only one way to get there after all. Having exhausted most of their favorite playlists, they finally inched up the long gravel driveway. They unpacked and opened the windows to air the place out. She opened the study door. A smile came across her face and a silent release of air escaped her lungs. Her shoulders relaxed and her brain became alert; the excitement of what was to come next. She did not quite know what that might be, but as soon as she sat at her desk and looked out her window, she knew it would come to her.

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