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November 9, 2021

Our Season of Gratitude


With the changing color of leaves, we are nudged toward an awareness of time passing. The seasons remind us that they wait for no one. As we try to move toward a place of normalcy in a world that has been shaken, and for some turned upside down, we may want to take the time and look around and notice who and what is bringing us joy in this moment. It may be the host at your favorite local restaurant who always greets you with positive energy and kind eyes. Or possibly the neighbor who waves when they are walking their dog every evening. Maybe it is that first sip of coffee you take as you begin your day.

“The gift of small ordinary moments”

The moments may appear to be common, but isn’t that what our days are compiled of? Days filled with typical beautiful moments that no one notices but ourselves. These moments belong just to you, as only you experience them. I find myself grateful this Thanksgiving for the gift of my small ordinary moments. As we begin to plan for the holidays, my hope is that we all find our own special moments and we let this season help us find the space for gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Virco family to yours!

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